I’m thrilled to share my transformative experience at the #WorkQUAholics Seminar, organized by GEYC – Group of the European Youth for Change in Grudziądz, Poland. As a youth worker and project manager, this seminar has significantly enhanced my skills in planning and implementing qualitative youth projects.

Here are some key takeaways from the seminar that I believe will be valuable for you in the youth work and NGO sectors, along with practical advice:

  • Enhanced Project Management: I learned advanced techniques for creating robust project plans, setting realistic timelines, and allocating resources effectively. Advice: Invest time in conducting thorough needs assessments and involving stakeholders at every stage of planning for more impactful projects.
  • Leveraging Digital Tools: The seminar introduced me to a range of digital tools for efficient project management. Embracing digital transformation has boosted our team’s productivity and communication. Advice: Explore user-friendly digital tools to streamline communication and collaboration within your team, enabling real-time data sharing and performance evaluation. If you’re interested in some specific ones, I’ll be glad to share some links with you privately.
  • Best Practices in Youth Work: Learning from diverse youth workers, local organisations and social initiatives inspired innovative approaches in our projects. Advice: Engage in networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing platforms to enrich your understanding of youth work best practices and spark new ideas.
  • International Collaborations: Building partnerships with NGOs from different countries has expanded our project scope and enriched cross-cultural understanding. Advice: Be proactive in seeking international partnerships to bring fresh perspectives and increase the global reach and impact of your youth projects.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend WorkQUAholics and for the support of Asociación Cultural L’Ayalguina and Ye Too Ponese, which made this experience possible. I am excited to bring these newfound learnings back to our organizations and apply them in our future youth projects. Obviously, this couldn’t be possible without the extraordinary and lives-changing #ErasmusPlus Programme, financed by the European Commission.

To my fellow youth workers and NGO professionals, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for future opportunities like this seminar. Contact me if you want to know more about #Erasmus+ or anything you may need from me; let’s continue working together to empower and uplift young people in our communities!

Fabio Meazza